Settling In.

A month has past since I arrived in Calpe to begin my 2019 training camp with the team. It has been great to get into a routine again out here after a sluggish winter in ‘not so sunny Scotland’. Being able to focus on my training is no problem when in Calpe, where the roads are smooth, the weather is more than nice for this time of year and the scenery in mega so it makes it a lot easier for us riders to get the work done and be 100% focused.

I’ve also got to meet some of the new guys on the team this year which has been fun, there all super nice guys and the banter is already flowing nicely. The new Holdsworth-Zappi team kit is already turning heads thanks to Biemme Sports. They’ve done a great job with the design and it looks great and not to mention it goes hand in hand with the Holdsworth Super Professional bike which the team are riding this year.

In terms of training, all is going according to plan. In the winter I made sure I included a lot more gym which was the plan so I could gain more muscle and more importantly power, which I lacked last season. Along with the Gym I was also swimming once a week which has many benefits for athletes. It improves lung capacity, and it makes you work hard when oxygen deficient which will prove handy when under pressure on the climbs.

Racing has already started which at the moment is going reasonably well. The races we are doing at the moment are Spanish regional races that are around 80km with around 150 riders. We are using them as training so it means we can test the legs and maybe try things out that we might not try at the bigger Italian races. The first proper race of the year is in fact here in Spain, the ’28th Trofeo Gueritta’. This is part of the ‘Copa Espana’ under 23 series so top teams like Caja Ruyal, Equipo Lizarte and Kometa Cycling Team will be there!

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